Hi All,

The Rosiland saga has sat with me for over the 40 years that I have lived in Plett. I remember her as we shared a cafeteria at UCT. She was tall good looking with a dress down to the ground. Us Architects did not chat up the Hippy chicks. I moved to Plett got a copy of Ballard of Rosiland Ballingall DVD made by Nicole Schafer. I also studied all info available at the time. There was a lot of info on the Internet with many stories of what happened to her.

One day I saw some mail from a lady in the UK who wanted a copy of Nicole’s DVD. I sent it to her and asked why after 40 years she wanted the info. She said that when Rosiland went missing she and her boyfriend were on the way from PE to Knysna. They saw a tall lady and a guy walking down the N2. She was sure that it was Rosiland. Later Roziland’s Mom tracked them down to a hotel in Knysna. She asked if they had seen anything? They told her what they had seen and all they got was “Thanks” No one ever looked or investigated the N2. They only looked in Fisantehoek and the Forrest.

A few days ago I spoke to a friend about this matter He told me to go and see a local Psychic. He said that she was brilliant and had helped so many people.

I went and saw her and gave her the DVD and all the info that I had.

In one day she replied. See the attached mail:

Dear Paul,

She was not walking with her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance she was joined on the road by an opportunist who was driving past and took a liking to the way she looked. He then coerced her into his car with the promise of dropping her somewhere or helping her with something and then abducted her and knocked her out. He took her back to his home in East London where he kept her captive and abused her, eventually killing her when she tried to escape. He buried her body, and 2 other women’s bodies in his garden, which he also abducted, he was a psychopath! His disgusting deeds were never discovered and he was never suspected either but she is saying that you can search in the archives of disappearances for the other 2 women if you wish. Her boyfriend DID help with the search and was blamed unfairly for her killing which she wanted to make sure people understood that he had NOTHING to do with her death!

An aspect of her soul went back to the Garden Of Eden, to try and undo what she had done that day in walking by herself, which is why she kept appearing asking people for help. She thought that she was safe walking there on that day and had brought a spiritual book with her but it was not the Bible, she was not religious. My Angels and I have released that aspect from that area now and it has rejoined her soul and is very happy to be released. She sends thanks to you Paul for loving her so faithfully and helping her to find peace, she also leans over and kisses me on the forehead and thanks me.

She reincarnated into another body in 1974 only that aspect of her soul remained in the Garden Of Eden trying to understand how she could stop what was going to happen when she met that man and sadly trusted him.

May God bless and keep you

I am now so happy that Rosiland is at peace.

Special thanks to my psychic

The Lord will bless you for what you did


Paul Scheepers