Leigh Dunn: The Coloured folk of Plett

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The Dunn and Harker families of Plett having a picnic at Robberg in 1948.

The Van Plettenberg Historical Society Presentation will be held at the Plett Angling Clubhouse on Thursday 12thof July 2018

The Van Plettenberg Historical Society is proud to invite all interested parties to a special presentation by Leigh Michael Dunn on the following topic: “The Coloured folk of Plett, how they were moved from the CBD by the Group Areas Act No. 41 of 27 April 1950, and a few related anecdotes.” – with specific reference to the original Harker and Dunn families of Harkerville and Plettenberg Bay, and their rich contribution to the development of the town. Just to whet your appetite, the following historic photographs form part of Leigh’s presentation:

A family wedding at the St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Church Street Plettenberg Bay on the 2nd of July 1960.

The Harker and Dunn families were very prominent “Coloured” families in Plett and their weddings were huge celebrations, recorded by the local press.

Leigh’s mother Joey when she arrived in Plettenberg Bay for the first time in 1964 before getting married to his dad almost 10 years later.

Leigh’s father Mac, and his two cousins in 1945, with the Beacon Island Hotel and Robberg in the background.

A very happy Dunn family in 1953 in front of their home in Kloof Street Plettenberg Bay.

So many Coloured families were uprooted, after living such peaceful and happy lives for decades in our beautiful bay. These were some of their most beautiful memories. These memories, as well as many others, will be shared by Leigh.

Leigh and his family are in possession many historical artifacts, family heirlooms, documents and original newspaper articles and photographs of the old Plettenberg Bay, and he is more than willing to share his information by doing further presentations or even for publication.

Many of the original photographs of Leigh’s father Mac had been donated to photographer Ray Friedman, also to Plettenberg Bay historian Derek Frielinghaus, and are still seen today in the new Mellvilles Spar supermarket, which is adjacent to the original Dunn family property in Kloof Street, Plettenberg Bay.

Victoria Cottage in Kloof Street, before the family had to leave, because of the Group Areas Act of 1950.

12 July 2018 will be an evening in the history of Plett not to be missed. It will include not only the Harker and Dunn families but also many other colourful families around town, for example the George Langdown family, as well as many others…. and a few anecdotes.

Please contact the Van Plettenberg Historical Society or Mike Kantey on 072 628 5131 for any further details.


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