“Rep”, as it has been known for scores of years, has been the hard-knocks training ground of many famous (and not so famous) actors.  Although for obvious reasons, the vast majority of them have been British, there have been a few South Africans who have taken the plunge into unfamiliar waters abroad, including Patrick Mynhardt, Estelle Kohler, Syd James and Lawrence Harvey. As we know, Syd James became one of the leading lights of the “Carry On” team, while Lawrence Harvey had a distinguished career as a leading actor on screen. 

Weekly Rep involved joining a theatre company for either a summer or a winter season of roughly twenty weeks and performing a new play every week.  This is very different from Repertoire Theatre, where four or five plays are repeated throughout the season.  Weekly Rep meant rehearsing the next play during the day while performing the current play each night and then going home to study the script for the next morning’s rehearsal.  

After DAVID HALL-GREEN started in British Rep at the age of 21 in 1960, he worked and toured with various theatrical companies throughout the 1960s.  He will share with us some of his often hilarious anecdotes, liberally illustrated with his personal photographs, theatre programmes and posters – recalling a long-gone era of more than half a century ago. 

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