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The De Poort Murders of 1802

A United Front of Khoikhoin Gounaqua & Amagqunukhwebe SPEAKER: Mike Kantey Events leading up to the 19th Century The first major driver behind the dispossession and fateful resistance of the indigenous and migrant African tribes of what became South Africa...

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The Battle of Omdurman

SPEAKER: David Hall-Green The country which we know today as Sudan is the biggest on the African continent. It would virtually swallow up most of Western Europe without so much as a hearty belch. The ancient Egyptians called it Nubia, and it was the source of slaves...

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The Van Reenens of Knysna

SPEAKER: Garth van Reenen The ancestor of the family was the noble Graaf Jacob Van Reenen of Memel in what was then Prussia, who came to the Cape in 1721 in a sturdy little ship, the Astria. His brother Daniel was the Mayor of Allenburg in Prussia and it is said that...

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An Extraordinary History of Boxing & Fisticuffs

SPEAKER:          Clive Noble Mesopotamia The first recorded history of boxing was found in Mesopotamia in the Tigris Euphrates Valley. A terracotta relief of 2 bare fisted boxers was found in the Ninto temple dated about 3000...

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